GP Workshop: Ask How I Feel

Research has shown that the extent and severity of psoriasis does not always predict the associated emotional and psychosocial impact that a patient may experience.  As clinicians, sometimes we can underestimate the degree of distress associated with skin conditions like psoriasis.

In order to look after a patient holistically, we also need to ask them how they feel about their skin. The following videos, developed by Irish Skin Foundation (ISF), provide insights into a patient’s perspective about living with psoriasis. Please view them and answer the corresponding question in your GP workbook.

Looking at Psoriasis from the Inside-Out: A First Hand View

In the following video series, Caroline Irwin, Psoriasis Patient Advocate and Dr Eddie Murphy, Clinical Psychologist discuss all things psoriasis. Caroline shares her story and highlights the impact psoriasis can have on day-to-day life. Dr Eddie offers insights into the psychological aspect of psoriasis and simple tips to reduce the effect of psoriasis on quality of life.

Caroline’s Story

Common Challenges Faced by People with Psoriasis

Working with your HCP to Manage Psoriasis

Pathways to Support for Psoriasis

Your GP student workbook question

After watching the videos above, in your workbook please write a short paragraph (maximum 500 words) outlining the insights and learning points which are important to consider in the clinical management of patients with psoriasis.

The ISF may wish to publish some quotations from answers submitted highlighting what students have learned from these videos. In your workbook, please indicate your consent to the possible use of quotations from your work (any quotations used will be attributed anonymously). 

The above videos were originally developed as part of the Ask How I Feel Campaign.  The views expressed on this website are those of the ISF and are independent of our corporate sponsors.  Follow links more information on Psoriasisinformation booklets, or to Ask A Nurse.

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