Is it true? Will sunlight really help my skin condition?


During spells of good weather and throughout the summer months, our ‘Ask a Nurse’ team are often shyly asked: “So what about the sun – I’ve heard that it’s really good for clearing psoriasis [or eczema]” This is a fair question; who wouldn’t want to clear their skin in what appears to be a simple and cost-free way, without the mess and time involved in applying creams However,...

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Know Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type: Protect Your Skin!


Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in Ireland and in fair/light skinned populations worldwide, for whom sunburn is a risk factor The vast majority of these cancers are associated with overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV), mainly from sunlight However, UV from artificial sources eg sunbeds, also cause skin cancer Yet, the good news is that most skin cancers can be prevented...

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COVID-19 Hand Care Advice


First published 6th March 2020 COVID-19 outbreak It is essential during the outbreak of COVID-19 that we follow the advice recommended by infection control experts, which highlights the importance of frequent hand washing, with soap and water, or using alcohol-based hand rub For up-to-date health information and advice in Ireland in relation to Covid-19 please visit the HSE's...

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Sun Protection for Organ Transplant Recipients


We had very unusual warm weather in April  It is important that we remember that the levels of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun start rising in Ireland from April, and protection from the damaging effects of UV is very important Many people have the idea that the Irish sun does not cause skin cancer; that it is the hot sun in Spain and Portugal that causes the problem It is in fact the...

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New survey for psoriasis patients to self-report experiences of COVID-19


PsoProtectMe is a new initiative by PsoProtect for psoriasis patients to self-report their COVID-19 experience The Irish Skin Foundation is delighted to be a partner of PsoProtect, an international registry for health care providers to report outcomes of COVID-19 in individuals with psoriasis PsoProtect has released data from over 100 cases reported by clinicians globally, including from Italy,...

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Seasonal UV Changes and Protecting Our Skin


Knowing a little bit about Earth’s relationship with the Sun allows us to understand how the intensity of the Sun’s rays can change during the year, and the importance of protecting our skin What causes the change in seasons Earth revolves around the Sun, taking a year to complete one orbit But as it does so, it also spins on its own axis (an imaginary line that extends from the north to...

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The Importance of Emollient Treatment in Eczema


Atopic eczema is a very common, non-contagious, chronic inflammatory skin condition While the exact cause is not known, certain factors are thought to be important in its development, these include an inherited predisposition to have a weakened skin barrier, as well as altered inflammatory and allergy responses Atopic eczema most frequently begins in infancy but may also develop for the...

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Updated frequent hand washing advice – BAD statement


Statement on frequent hand washing to reduce coronavirus risk for people with skin diseases affecting the hands   The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) makes statements on best practice, teaching, training and research in dermatology which is often followed by dermatology departments and consultants in the Republic of Ireland This statement was last updated by the BAD on 21...

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The Impact of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) on Psoriasis


Dr Alan Maddock, lecturer at Queen's University Belfast, discusses 'The impact of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on Psoriasis' According to new data released by the Global Psoriasis Atlas, an estimated 82,900 people in Ireland live with psoriasis As well as managing the physical symptoms of psoriasis, patients can experience a range of emotional, psychological and social difficulties...

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Slow down skin aging – is the SPF in your moisturiser or make-up offering adequate UV protection?


Are we adequately protecting ourselves from ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun Most people use moisturiser to slow the aging process of the skin, but this is not enough on its own One of the best things we can do to slow skin aging, is to protect it from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and never use sunbeds We want to prevent photoaging  Photoaging is premature aging of the skin...

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Covid-19 and Skin Conditions – Expert Q&A


This video was recorded on 1st April 2020 with Professor Anne-Marie Tobin, Consultant Dermatologist at Tallaght University Hospital and HSE Clinical Lead for Dermatology, and Professor Brian Kirby, Consultant Dermatologist at St Vincent's Hospital and a global expert on psoriasis, to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions that the ISF has received in recent weeks about Coronavirus...

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ISF to join Irish Cancer Prevention Network


The Irish Skin Foundation is set to join the Irish Cancer Prevention Network (ICPN), which brings together collaborative working between organisations with the aim to reduce cancer risk for the people of Ireland The network was established by the National Cancer Control Programme, Marie Keating Foundation, Irish Cancer Society and Breakthrough Cancer Research The ISF will join the group...

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