Dermatology Nurse Specialist, Selene Daly on Newstalk with Pat Kenny


Listen back to Dermatology Nurse Specialist, Selene Daly, answering a broad range of dermatology questions on Newstalk with Pat Kenny Questions asked include those on: Verrucas (Plantar Warts) Guttate Psoriasis Seborrheic  Keratosis Scarring of the skin Psoriasis treatments Melanoma, skin cancer and sun safety Rosacea Molluscum contagiosum Hand dermatitis Link...

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‘Hit or miss’ approach to sunscreen increases risks from UV exposure


‘Hit or miss’ approach to sunscreen increases risks from UV exposure Alongside other protective measures, such as clothing and shade, sunscreens play an important preventative role in the fight against skin cancer However, a recent survey conducted by the British Association of Dermatologists revealed that people’s approach to sunscreen is often lax, with 80% failing to apply...

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‘Red hair’ gene may double chance of melanoma, separate to risks from sun exposure.


New research published this month suggests that the pigment responsible for red hair and pale skin may have a role in the development of melanoma, even without ultraviolet radiation   New Genetics Research Melanocortin-1-receptor gene (MC1R) is an important gene that regulates skin colour in humans New research by Dr Judith Wendt and colleagues, published in JAMA Dermatology, has...

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No end in sight for critical shortage of consultant dermatologists


Ireland has a critical shortage of consultant dermatologists at a time when cases of skin cancer are increasing and early detection can be key to saving lives, according to the Irish Skin Foundation On its own, the increasing instance of skin cancer threatens to overwhelm dermatology services However, the systemic shortage also affects thousands of people with psoriasis, eczema and other...

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ISF Dermatology Study Day 2016


The ISF held its first Dermatology Study Day for Nurses and Pharmacists on 16th April in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin The programme was aimed at health care professionals with an interest in dermatology and was very well received with over 80 delegates in attendance from all branches of nursing, pharmacy, general practice and even dentistry We were very pleased to welcome so many people with a...

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Generation SunSmart encourages kids to protect their skin from UV rays


A new programme supported by the Irish Skin Foundation is encouraging school children to protect their skin from UV rays and to reduce risk of developing cancer in the future during high-risk months March to September Through the programme supported, by Irish skin care company Elave, every primary school child in Co Sligo with receive a protective legionnaire style hat this month Generation...

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Psoriasis 1916-2016: Reflecting on a century of discovery


As the ceremonies to mark the centenary of the 1916 rising come to a close, we reflect on some of the advances in psoriasis treatment that have occurred during this period Until relatively recently, progress in the treatment of psoriasis had been steered by a succession of fortuitous accidental discoveries A timeline for some of the most important of these chance findings (dithranol,...

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Dermatology Services resume in University Hospital Waterford


We are delighted to learn the Dermatology unit in University Hospital Waterford (UHW) has resumed a full service Consultant Dermatologists Dr Michael O' Connell and Dr Lyndsey Paul, now join Dr Sinead Field in University Hospital Waterford The Dermatology unit in UHW now provides services including general Dermatology clinics, complex psoriasis clinics, skin cancer clinics, rapid access...

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Webinars for Nurses: E-learning in Dermatology from


Dermcloudie is running a series of four interactive webinars offering e-learning opportunities for nureses interested in dermatology Interactive Webinar Course will be run over 4 weeks, starting on Wednesday 6th April 2016 Each webinar will last for 15 hours 8pm - 930pm Who are these webinars designed for: Dermatology, practice Nurses, paediatric, & public health nurses Registration...

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WHO Global Report on Psoriasis


In 2014, the (World Health Organisation) WHO recognised psoriasis as a chronic, non-communicable, painful, disfiguring, and disabling disease for which there is no cure The resolution underscored that too many people in the world suffer needlessly from psoriasis due to incorrect or delayed diagnosis, inadequate treatment options, insufficient access to care and because of social...

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Eczema Drug Trials Show Promising Results


Japanese researchers at an early phase in clinical trials, have found that a new drug given as a single injection, reduced the itch, sleep disturbance and topical steroid use in patients with atopic eczema, according to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology What is atopic eczema Atopic eczema is a common, non-contagious inflammatory skin condition It is characterised by red,...

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Eczema and General Election 2016: What can you ask election candidates?


In the last week of General Election 2016 campaigning, what can people with eczema ask election candidate who call to their door 1 in 10 of children under the age of 7 in Ireland and 1 in 20 adults suffer from eczema The condition is now estimated to be 30% more common than it was in the 1980s and it usually begins in the first year of life for most sufferers The new government can help...

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