Thank you to all who answered the “Living with Atopic Eczema” survey


We want to thank everyone who participated in the "Living with Atopic Eczema & Eczema in Ireland" which we ran from September 2018 to March 2019; we had over 450 responses which was a tremendous level of engagement In the coming months we will be writing up our findings and hope to publish them in the autumn The ISF is dedicated to improving the lives of Irish people living with eczema...

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ISF Gives Talk on ‘Skin Health’ at An Cosán


On Thursday the 28 March the ISF Health Promotion Team were delighted to give a general talk on 'Skin Health and Common Skin Conditions' to the lovely ladies of the University of the Third Age in An Cosán in Tallaght Beginning as The Shanty in September 1986, co-founders Dr Ann Louise Gilligan and Dr Katherine Zappone established a community-based project as a platform for active citizenship...

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Is a common ingredient in your emollient actually irritating your skin?


Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and Aqueous cream Atopic eczema and dry skin go hand-in-hand; medical moisturisers / emollients have been used for managing eczema for many years and are still the recommended first-line treatment One common emollient, Aqueous cream, has been on the market for decades but according to some studies the negative effects on the skin barrier are thought to be related...

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A plan for waiting times? HSE publishes Scheduled Care Access Plan 2019


In an effort to tackle waiting times the HSE has published the Scheduled Care Access Plan 2019 which specifically identifies dermatology for extra resources This move may help people with psoriasis, HS, atopic eczema, skin lesions and many other skin conditions access care more quickly Under the plan the HSE intends to increase total number of outpatient appointments, introduce what have...

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UCD Get Sun Smarter!


Join us for our 2nd annual ‘Get Sun Smarter’ awareness event which aims to prevent 'Killer Tans', 11am – 2pm on 9th & 10th April in the O'Brien Centre for Science East, UCD Attendees at this free public two-day event can look forward to: The latest Melanoma research findings from Systems Biology Ireland, Charles Institute of Dermatology and Conway Institute researchers, with a...

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Video: “Skin Matters” Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Panel Discussion Published


The ISF, supported by AbbVie, held the first-of-its-kind “Skin Matters” meeting and webinar on the evening of 1 November 2018 in Dublin’s Chocolate Factory for people with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) The main element of the event was a panel discussion lead by two HS patient advocates, Suzanne Moloney and Barry McGrath, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anne Marie Tobin, and GP Dr...

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Sleeping with psoriasis: is itching causing a poor night’s sleep in the ‘scratcher’?


Sleep is vital for our everyday functioning and is important for our physical and psychological wellbeing However, disrupted sleep may be caused by a number of issues ranging from physical, lifestyle and environmental factors (family responsibilities, occupational duties) to psychological issues, eg stress and anxiety Sleep disruption can have a negative impact on quality of life Studies in...

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ISF signs up to IPPOSI Charter for Patient Involvement in Medicines Assessment & Reimbursement


The Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry (IPPOSI), have published 'A Charter for Patient Involvement in Medicines Assessment & Reimbursement', which calls on the Department of Health (DoH), the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics (NCPE) to improve the transparency, accountability and communication on how medicines are...

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How do you manage Hand Dermatitis / Eczema


Hand dermatitis is also known as hand eczema This common skin condition can occur at any age, including childhood Symptoms of hand dermatitis can range from mild to severe, where it can be long lasting and flare from time to time It is important to say that hand dermatitis/eczema is not contagious Risks - Hand Eczmea can result from a combination of factors: Genetics – If you have or...

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The ISF announces details of our 4th annual Dermatology Study Day


The ISF announces details of our 4th annual Dermatology Study Day:  6th April 2019 Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Arran Quay, Dublin 8 Delegates of the ISF Dermatology Study Day can look forward to a interesting line up of expert speakers from the world of dermatology Join us for our annual series of talks on skin conditions, which is aimed at hospital, community-based, GP practice and...

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Tattoos: some considerations for your skin’s health


Think before you ink! As the popularity of tattoos continues to rise, so too do concerns about potential risks While some of these risks may be known to the general public (eg the transmission of serious blood borne infections through unsterilized equipment), others may be less well publicised eg tattoo associated skin disorders or indeed, regret What is a tattoo A permanent tattoo involves...

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Dundalk Institute of Technology Health Fair


Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) held their inaugural Health Fair on January 23rd The aim of the event was ‘Health promotion in this setting, has the potential to impact future life and health outcomes of its campus community members and society as a whole Events such as the health fair can influence health-related knowledge, health beliefs and attitudes, and set patterns for health...

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