Uncovering the Role of Genes in Eczema


Eczema is an itchy, dry-skin condition that affects around one in five children in Ireland Genes play an important role in determining how likely individuals are to develop eczema, but the majority of the genes that cause the condition have yet to be detected However, in the largest genetic study of eczema in the world to date, a group of international researchers involving scientists from...

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Reduce VAT on moisturisers, sun creams & extend product list available on medical card & DPS


Eczema in adults is more than an uncomfortable, itchy disease It’s can also be a serious financial burden for the estimated 1 in 12 of Irish adults who have the most common form of the condition, atopic dermatitis Medical cards don’t cover the full spectrum of treatments for eczema  While aqueous cream (a soap substitute), emulsifying ointment and Silcock’s base (moisturisers), steroid...

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Temple Street Children’s Hospital appoints a dermatologist to long-vacant post


The ISF has welcomed the appointment of a consultant dermatologist at Temple Street – it is understood that the post will be filled during the last quarter of 2015 “Unfortunately Temple Street dermatology department will not be in a position to accept new GP referrals due to the considerable existing waiting list, nevertheless this development is very welcome for children with skin...

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New restrictions on sunbeds should go further


The Irish Skin Foundation has welcomed new regulations to prohibit sunbed business operators from promoting sunbed sessions for minimum periods of time but urged the Minister to go further “These new restrictions are absolutely a step in the right direction”, according to according to dermatologist Dr Patrick Ormond from the Irish Skin Foundation, “but we can do more to protect people...

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Irish Secondary School’s study: sunbed use starts at age 12


An Irish study presented at the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) annual meeting last week has found that the average age at which young people start using sunbeds is just 12 years old1 The research, involving 755 secondary school pupils from across Ireland, is the country’s largest study ever undertaken looking at avoidable skin cancer risk factors among the 14-18 age...

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Coal tar products increasingly difficult to source


Why is this trusted mainstay treatment disappearing from pharmacy shelves On a recent visit to dermatology clinic I met Michael, a 37 year old teacher from Carlow, who had come in ask some advice; he was looking for an alternative to the coal tar pomade he usually gets from his pharmacist every few weeks “I just wanted to see if there is any information about coal tar; it’s been the main...

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Burden of psoriasis: report exposes the hidden burden of skin disease


Survey reveals that more than half of people in Ireland with psoriasis have been the target of unpleasant comments about their skin A new report has exposed the hidden burden and impact of psoriasis in Ireland The report suggests that more than 73,000 people are affected by psoriasis in Ireland and that about 9,000 of those have a severe form of the disease Over half of people surveyed agreed...

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Department of Health announces welcome new restrictions on sunbeds


The Irish Skin Foundation welcomes new restrictions on the use of sunbeds, including a ban on ‘happy hours’ promotions and a requirement to use protective eyewear, which will be introduced in March In an effort to protect skin health and reduce the risk of skin cancer Minister Varadkar has prohibited unlimited-use offers and free trials as means of promoting sunbed use to the...

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Wait to wait: Dermatology Services at Temple Street Children’s Hospital


The ISF is extremely concerned that new GP patient referrals, seeking access to dermatology services at Temple Street Children’s Hospital, are now being added to an additional waiting list due to a lack of specialist medical capacity at the hospital Dermatology referrals into Temple Street now fall into one of three categories: urgent cases, cases on the waiting list with an appointment and...

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Newborns at risk of eczema could be identified by simple test


A simple test measuring water evaporation from the skin of newborns could help identity those most at risk of developing eczema, according to a study Early identification of those at risk opens up the possibility of actually preventing eczema — through an act as simple as applying moisturiser during the first year of life — although those involved in the research said further studies are...

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Prompt diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis crucial


October 29th 2014 is World Psoriasis Day, a global event that aims to give an international voice to the 125 million people with psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis This year, the Irish Skin Foundation will launch the #SaySomething campaign to empower people with psoriasis to speak up and say something if their treatment isn’t working or their psoriasis is getting them down Through this campaign, the...

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New research to improve psoriasis treatment monitoring


New research by Dr Paul Collins and colleagues in the Charles Clinic for dermatology at St Vincent’s University Hospital could provide alternative, pain-free monitoring of patients undergoing treatment with methotrexate Methotrexate is used frequently as a treatment for patients with severe psoriasis As methotrexate can cause liver damage, patients have regular blood tests to check liver...

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