Survey Call for Women with Psoriasis or Psoriatic Arthritis


Are you a woman, aged 18-45, living with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis  Would you like to share your opinions and views about what it's like, for you, to live with psoriasis  Follow the link on the button below:   Click here to take the survey!   The International Federation of Psoriasis Associations(IFPA) and EUROPSO, in collaboration with UCB, are running a market research...

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5 Practical Tips for Parents of Children with Eczema at School


September is Eczema Awareness Month and the time of year school term starts back and many households will be adapting to a new routine for children starting or returning to school With all the excitement and preparation, we are mindful of the children out there with eczema and what this might mean for them Some practical tips which may be of benefit: Try to have established a daily bath...

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Research call from St Vincent’s Hospital to people living with Eczema or Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)


1) Do you have eczema, or “normal” skin   UCD Clinical Research Centre is conducting a research study on adult eczema/atopic dermatitis, comparing with normal skin to gain more understanding on the mechanism of skin disease If you are interested in being part of this study, please call Sean Kearns UCD CRC, Dermatology Research Nurse on (01) 221-3024 or my mail at crc@ucdie Prof...

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New Irish data reveals burden of common skin condition – World Atopic Eczema Day


Over 40% of reported cutting household expenditure due to cost of managing eczema1 To mark the second annual World Atopic Eczema Day (14 September) and reveal the hidden burden of living with atopic eczema, we've released the key findings 1 from the Irish Skin Foundation's (ISF) 'Living with Atopic Eczema Survey' which over 450 people living with eczema or caring for someone with eczema...

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SkinSideOut – first-of-its-kind public skin health talks & exhibition


Click here to attend Skin Side Out     SkinSideOut, the first-of-its-kind skin health event for the ISF and indeed for people affected by a wide range of chronic inflammatory skin conditions in Ireland,  will take place on Saturday 16th November, from 11am - 4pm, in the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin SkinSideOut is open to all members of the public struggling to...

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New Scalp Psoriasis Guidance Published


The ISF has published a new stand-alone Managing Scalp Psoriasis leaflet , with guidance on how to manage and treat what can be a very frustrating part of living with the condition The scalp is one of the most common sites to be affected by psoriasis, and sometimes is the only area of involvement Almost 80% of people with psoriasis will have scalp involvement at some point in their lives, and...

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ISF makes submission advocating for access to potentially ‘life-changing’ new treatment for Atopic Eczema


The ISF has made a submission to the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics (NCPE) in relation to a new therapy for atopic dermatitis (also known as atopic eczema) and to advocate for wider access for patients to a potentially 'life changing' new drug In 2017, the European Medicines Agency approved a drug called dupilumab (brand name: Dupixent) for the treatment of moderate-to-severe atopic...

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Sunlight, sap and strimmer’s rash – how some plants pose a risk to your skin


The recent spell of sunny weather has encouraged lots of us to get active outdoors, enticing walkers and cyclists to explore the countryside and gardeners to tackle weeds, hedges, ditches and lawns While the odd nettle sting, or scratch from a thorn is quite a common occurrence amongst those who enjoy outdoor pursuits or gardening, there are other less obvious risks posed by plants,...

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IFPA Annual Members Meeting


In July 2019, the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) brought over 90 participants, including psoriasis association representatives, IFPA partners and the IFPA Board and Secretariat, together in Barcelona, Spain, for the annual members meeting to convene and exchange ideas IFPA is a non-profit organisation made up of psoriasis associations around the world IFPA gives...

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HS Information Videos


In November 2018, the ISF, supported by AbbVie, held the first-of-its-kind 'Skin Matters' meeting and webinar for people living with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) Through a panel discussion with HS patient advocates, Suzanne Moloney and Barry McGrath, Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Anne Marie Tobin, and GP, Dr Catherine Wilkinson, the meeting aimed to explore common problems and issues for...

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GlobalSkin 2019 Conference


In June 2019, the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (IADPO), also known as GlobalSkin, brought over 120 skin patient group leaders from 35 countries together in Milan for three unique events: the RareDERM Forum, the Atopic Eczema Forum and the GlobalSkin 2019 Conference The RareDERM Forum and Atopic Eczema Forum each spanned two-days and took place just before the...

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ISF at the 4th Annual UCD Festival


On Saturday, 8th June, the UCD campus was transformed for the 4th annual UCD Festival The event is now a firm fixture on the family festival calendar and aims to showcase the innovation, creativity and research that takes place on campus every day with a host of stands, exhibitions and  indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy each year The Irish Skin Foundation were delighted to take part...

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