DCU Surgical Skills Module for Healthcare Practitioners

A notice for healthcare professionals on behalf of DCU.

Who should apply?

Practitioners who are likely to utilise minor surgical procedures in a variety of settings including A&E, Dermatology, Theatres or Primary Care settings. Candidates must be working in a relevant setting and have a clinical practice supervisor identified to support them in their learning.

Module aim: To develop and consolidate minor surgical skills capability.

Module content to include: 

  1. Patient assessment and treatment options
  2. Lesion identification and management
  3. Local anaesthesia administration
  4. Suturing: materials/techniques/wound-closure
  5. Punch biopsies and curettage
  6. Ellipse marking and excision
  7. Abscesses/cyst/in-grown toenail management
  8. Cryosurgery
  9. Wound/sharp debridement
  10. Discharge advice and aftercare
  11. Clinical governance/medico-legal aspects
  12. Protocol development/audit

Module structure:
This DCU accredited, stand-alone, blended learning module is approved by the NMBI ( Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) as a Special Purpose Award and incorporates 4 days attendance in DCU, over a 12 week semester combined with online learning activities.

Commencing: February 2017
Application will close: 3rd January 2017
Credit/Level: Level 9, 10 ECTS Credits NMBI Special Purpose Award
Module code: NS5057
Cost of module: €850

Application forms are available from:
Faculty of Science and Health,
Dublin City University,
Dublin 9
T: +353 (0) 1 700 8975
E: science@dcu.ie

For further information contact:
Joseph Bonham or Therese Leufer

E: josephbonham@beaumont.ie or therese.leufer@dcu.ie
W: www.dcu.ie/snhs/professional.shtml