Cork-based doctor awarded prestigious European Paediatric Dermatology Leadership Award

The speciality of dermatology manages diseases of the skin, hair and nails in adults and children. The treatment and management of childhood skin conditions is different to treating skin conditions in adults.

Paediatric dermatology specialises in the treatment and management of children with skin conditions from newborns through adolescents. Paediatric dermatologists diagnose and treat a wide variety of skin conditions, some include inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and acne, inherited skin conditions, moles, birthmarks, collagen vascular conditions, and drug eruptions.

Paediatric dermatology is a vital subspecialty, and with a demand for these services and a global shortage of paediatric dermatologists, it is great news for Irish dermatology that Dr Cathal O’Connor, based at Cork’s South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, has been selected by the executive board of the European Society of Paediatric Dermatology as a Future Leader in Paediatric Dermatology.

A PhD student & ICAT Programme fellow Dr Cathal O’Connor follows others involved in the Future Leader Programme, which aims to attract and support the careers of trainee/resident doctors who are specifically interested in paediatric dermatology.

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