Dr Marina O’Kane welcomes new Chairperson and Trustees

The ISF is pleased to welcome Ken McKenzie as its new Chairperson following his election at the charity’s November board meeting.  Ken McKenzie takes on the role on the conclusion of Dr Marina O’Kane’s 5-year term as Chairperson, and eleven years’ service on the Board of the charity.

Ken first joined the ISF Board in 2017 and has a varied professional and academic background ranging from psychology and education to communications and marketing strategy. He has worked in healthcare advisory with organisations across the profit, not-for-profit and state sectors.

Some of Ken’s particular interests include behavioural change, brand strategy, consumer behaviour, and programme development and evaluation. He holds a BA in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), a PhD from the School of Law & Government, Dublin City University, has held an adjunct teaching fellowship at the School of Psychology TCD, and has been a Visiting Professor in Burgundy School of Business.

In welcoming Ken’s election, Dr Marina O’Kane said, “My congratulations to my colleague Ken McKenzie on taking over as Chairperson of the ISF. Ken’s work on committees has been crucial in the development and sound functioning of our organisation. His skills and generosity with his time and expertise have strengthened the ISF considerably. He has been a valued advisor to me in my role as Chairperson, providing a sound and incisive perspective. I am in no doubt that the ISF will continue to flourish with Ken at the helm.”

November 2022: Standing L to R: Seamus Kennedy, Dr Rupert Barry, Dr Asad Salim, Dr Rosemarie Watson, Paul Herriott, Michael Foley, seated David McMahon, Prof Anne-Marie Tobin, Dr Marina O’Kane, and Ken McKenzie PhD.

The Board and staff thanked and paid tribute to Dr O’Kane for her many years of service and contribution to the work of the ISF. Marina is longest serving member of the Board, and along with Caroline Irwin was among the founding board members present when the ISF was formed in January 2011.

Marina also remarked, “It has been such a pleasure leading the ISF Board. I am so proud of all we have accomplished in the past 11 years, and I have no doubt the Board will continue these successes in the future”.

“It has been a particular pleasure to serve with David McMahon in his role of CEO. He has given the organisation incredibly strong leadership and given me huge support. My sincere thanks to the Board of the CDSCHC for their ongoing generous support; our industry sponsors, and to Professor Eoin O’Brien (the ISF’s founding Chairperson), without whose vision the organisation would not exist today.”

Both Ken and Marina also thanked outgoing board members, Clinical Psychologist Dr Jennifer Wilson-O’Raghallaigh and pharmacist Michael Foley MPSI for their commitment and dedication, and welcomed newly elected board members, Sara Eslami and Steven McGovern.