COVID-19 dermatology registries*, Global Skin townhall webinar May 21

The International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organisations (IADPO)  also known as Global Skin, of which the ISF is a founding member, convened a webinar titled: Understanding COVID-19 & its impacts on dermatology patients. Representatives from patient organisations around the world attended this live ‘townhall’ style meeting which hosted an excellent presentation by Dr Esther Freeman, […]

Patient Leader Dialogue Report 2018 – Policy Drivers in Atopic Eczema

The International Alliance of Dermatological Patient Organisations (IADPO) also known as GlobalSkin hosted an event “Patient Leader Dialogue Workshop on Atopic Eczema”, in September of this year in Paris. The Irish Skin Foundation (ISF) was one of eight patient organisations from eight countries who took part in the event. What was the goal of this […]