2017 Annual Family Fun Day at Barretstown

Each year we invite 30 families whose everyday lives are impacted by a skin condition to the magical Barretstown Castle for an exciting day full of family adventures.
Travelling from all over the country, the team at Barretstown had a jam packed itinerary lined up including horse riding, archery, canoeing and high wall climbing to mention a few.
With the excitement building each family took a map in hand and headed off to enjoy the memorable day in the glorious sunshine with a pinch of rain just for the fun!




“Seeing the smiles grow brighter during the day is what we love about this event” Helen Hadden ISF. It is really important that children do not feel isolated or alone during a very vulnerable stage of their lives. The ISF Family Fun Day allows children and families to meet others and feel a sense of support and connection.



From the ‘groove for your food’ to the new found sports skills, we have no doubt each family were ready for an early night!