Emma Greaney: My skin was in crisis, but now it’s clear after getting the right support

My name is Emma and I’m 17 years old. I have suffered with psoriasis for 12 years (ages 5-17) and I’m so grateful to say my skin is now 100% clear since February 2018.

At the beginning of September 2017, my skin was in crisis, nothing was working and I felt my mom and I had tried everything and anything under the sun to treat my psoriasis.

Not only was my skin in crisis, but my confidence and mental health was suffering as a result. My mom decided to contact the Irish Skin Foundation, where I got to talk to a lovely advocate Caroline Irwin who had also suffered with psoriasis. Caroline invited my mom and I down to Waterford in October 2017 to a National Psoriasis Meet-Up.

We got to meet loads of people from all around the country who also had psoriasis.

Being able to meet people with the same condition as I, was a brilliant experience! I didn’t feel so alone and so isolated anymore.

I could talk to people who understood my struggles and met people going through the same situation as I was.

The best part of the meet up was the camouflage makeup workshop by Vichy, which taught me how to cover my psoriasis with makeup if I wished to do so. Shortly after this event I went on a biologic treatment (injection) for my psoriasis and by the second injection my skin was clear.

I strongly believe that it was the encouragement and support from the Irish Skin Foundation that helped my Mom and I make the best decision of my life and go on the treatment.

This summer has been one like no other where I have been able to wear what I want in public and show my clear skin off with confidence.

If anyone is struggling at the moment, I understand what you are going through and even though there may seem to be no end to your suffering, I can promise that you are not alone and that there are people out there just like you.

July 2018

If you need guidance about psoriasis, visit the ISF’s psoriasis page, download our new booklet or contact the ISF Helpline for free assistance and information.