This Year, We brought the ISF Dermatology Study Day to Galway!

On Saturday March 10th we hosted our third annual Dermatology study day in the Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill. The programme was aimed at health care professionals with an interest in dermatology and was very well received by delegates who travelled from Connaught, Munster and Leinster. The attending delegates came from all branches of nursing, pharmacy and general practice.

The objective of the study day is to offer healthcare professionals an opportunity to enhance their existing skillset when faced with dermatological conditions in the community, with the conclusion of helping these members of the public manage their skin condition or when to refer to a specialist centre of Dermatology for review.

Dr Trevor Markham, Consultant Dermatologist, University Hospital Galway, who co-chaired the meeting commenced the programme with an excellent update on the treatment of psoriasis. Taking disease severity into consideration, he spoke about topical treatments, phototherapy, systemic and biologics treatments.

Dr Kashif Ahmad, Consultant Dermatologist, University Hospital Limerick, spoke about Recognition of early melanoma by dermoscopy. Dr Ahmad expressed the significance of early diagnosis in melanoma as there is a better outcome for the patient. His talk concluded on the importance of protecting the skin from the sun and the relevance of inspecting the skin for any changes regularly and to refer when appropriate.

Above: An attendee chats with a representative at a booth dedicated to Hidradenitis Suppuritiva

Deirdre Conlon, Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Plastic surgery, University Hospital Galway, gave an overview on the initial management of burns. Deirdre gave some very practical advice on the first aid management of a burn in the community before referring on to the emergency department and spoke about the different types of dressings that she uses in her clinic when dressing burns.

Dr Lisa Roche, Specialist Registrar in Dermatology, University Hospital Galway, talked about the management of acne in primary care using the European Dermatology Forum, S3-Guideline for the Treatment of Acne (update 2016), as a reference on acne treatments.

Dr Eilis Nic Dhonncha, Specialist Registrar in Dermatology, University Hospital Galway, covered Rosacea in primary care, touching on the causes, contributing factors, types and differential diagnosis of rosacea. Treatments including topical and systemic were also discussed as were general measures that a person with rosacea can do such as, wearing SPF daily, avoidance of exacerbating factors, emollients, soap free cleansers and to test dose new topical agents.

Attendees Mingle at ISF Study Day 2017

Above: Study Day attendees mingle and enjoy refreshments!

Dr Qamar Razali, Registrar, University Hospital Galway, spoke about common conditions in paediatric dermatology including how to diagnose and gave treatment options in infections such as fungal, viral and infestation of the skin. He concluded his talk by discussing the different types and treatments of Haemangiomas in children.

Finally Sheila Ryan, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Dermatology, University Hospital Limerick, gave a comprehensive presentation on eczema in adults and children. Sheila spoke about the impact eczema has on the quality of life in these children and adults and offered some very useful and practical tips on the management of eczema.

We were delighted with the very positive feedback and can conclude that the day was a success.