Update on Dupilumab: HSE Management Supports Reimbursement

Less than a month from the last major development, Dupilumab receives green light for funding

In a statement to the ISF and healthcare professionals this afternoon, the HSE notified patients that the Executive Management Team has supported reimbursement of Dupilumab under High Tech (Drugs Scheme) Arrangements.

Availability of the new ‘first-in-class’ treatment will be “subject to a managed access programme being implemented and that reimbursement is restricted to a defined subgroup of the full licensed indication”, according to the statement.

This means that the treatment will be available to adolescents (12 years old +) and adults with “refractory” (unmanagable / treatment-resistant) moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis.  This is an extraordinary breakthrough for scores of people for whom immunosuppressant treatment has failed, or is not tolerated or is contraindicated.

The HSE indicated that Dupilumab will be funded under the National Service Plan 2021 for which the Department of Health secured a significantly enhanced budget of €50m for new medicines this year.

According to the HSE, as a condition of reimbursement an individual patient approval system will now be implemented by Primary Care Reimbursement Services (PCRS) to enable reimbursement for patients who meet the pre-defined criteria. This process is in line with that for other new medicines becoming available for the first time.

New arrangements are estimated to take a number of months to set up, but details will emerge before summer providing greater clarity as to when patients can access the medicine through their local clinics, and subsequently through their community pharmacies.

CEO of the ISF, David McMahon, expressed thanks to all of many people affected by eczema and supporters who contacted TDs and Ministers to request that dupilumab be raised with the Minister for Health, Department of Health and the HSE.


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You can also monitor the progress on the HSE’s assessment of dupilumab by following this link: http://www.ncpe.ie/drugs/dupilumab-dupixent/

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