Survey: New Phase of First Patient-Led Impact Research Study in Dermatology

The GRIDD project is the first global patient-initiated and patient-led impact research study in dermatology.

Global Research on the Impact of Dermatological Diseases (GRIDD) was launched in 2017 by the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (GlobalSkin).

The ISF, a proud member of GlobalSkin, are calling on any adult affected by a skin condition to take part in Phase 3 of GRIDD, the Patient Data Verification Delphi (the Delphi).

The Delphi* will consist of two surveys. The first survey’s closing date has been extended to 15th February. Participants who take part in Survey #1 will be asked to take part in Survey #2 once it is live.




What is GRIDD?

GRIDD is a multi-year, five-phase global research and advocacy project. The project’s mission is to develop optimised patient-impact outcomes and a new patient-impact measurement tool by engaging dermatology patient organisations and patients worldwide.

The GRIDD project is based on gathering patients’ views on the impact of their disease on themselves and their caregivers, as well as input from the specialists (dermatology health care providers) who serve them.

Why take part in GRIDD?

By participating in GRIDD you will be helping to design a new and credible measurement tool (questionnaire) that fully explains the impacts and challenges you experience living with your dermatological condition.

By taking part in the Delphi and completing the two surveys, you will be making an important contribution to improving the lives of all dermatology patients around the world now and in the future.

Ultimately, when the GRIDD project is complete, the data will be used to help convince decision-makers that all dermatological diseases matter and should be taken seriously.

What is a Delphi*?

A Delphi is a consensus-seeking method widely used in health research. The main purpose of a Delphi is to explore a topic in a way that goes beyond what is currently known or believed and is based on the assumption that expert group judgments are more valid or accurate than individual judgments or assumptions. It is a scientific process that promotes greater accuracy and validates previous data derived assumptions.

Learn more on GlobalSkin’s website.

If you need guidance or support about managing a skin disorder, contact the ISF Helpline for free assistance and information.