Mater Dermatology Dept. holds eczema information morning to mark Eczema Awareness Month

To mark Eczema Awareness Month and World Eczema Day (14th September 2022), we were pleased to hold an information morning on Monday 12th September 2022.

Eczema is a dry, itchy, inflammatory skin condition. It is sometimes referred to as dermatitis and there are different types such as Atopic, Irritant or Allergic.

Our dermatology department regularly receives lots of queries from staff regarding management of the different types of eczema, in particular hand and facial eczema which is potentially a contact irritant or allergy. As this can have a significant negative impact on quality of life and potentially career choice, it was thought that it would be very useful and important to hold an information morning to help raise awareness about this common inflammatory skin condition and address some of the most common queries.

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The main focus of the morning was to impart the importance of complete emollient therapy to support the skin’s natural barrier, locking in moisture and reducing entry of irritants / allergens, which is one of the fundamentals of eczema treatment.

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We were very pleased that the information morning was met with such a positive response by those who attended the stand, which included not only Mater Hospital Staff but also members of the public who happened to be passing by and were either affected personally or had a member of their family who was.

Many thanks to The Irish Skin Foundation who were present on the day to help create awareness, give support and valuable guidance. Their support is greatly appreciated.

If you need guidance or support about managing a skin disorder, contact the ISF Helpline for free assistance and information.