Kildare FM interview: Dr Wilkinson discusses acne myths and misinformation

June is Acne Awareness Month.

Listen back to the recent interview on ‘Acne Myths and Misinformation’ with GP, Dr Catherine Wilkinson and Caoimhe Harney, Kildare Focus, KFM from 23rd June 2023.

In the interview, Dr Wilkinson delves into the prevalence, causes, types, and symptoms of acne. She discussed the hormonal factors which may contribute to this common skin condition, the psychological factors we need to be aware of. She provided tips on what to look for when buying over-the-counter products for acne prone skin and encouraged people to visit their GP for advice and treatment if their acne is causing them distress.

Dr Wilkinson also cautioned listeners to be wary of misinformation regarding acne online and recommended the below sources for guidance.

If you need guidance or support about managing acne or other skin conditions, contact the Irish Skin Foundation’s Ask-a-Nurse Helpline