ISF Launch Video Resources for World Atopic Eczema Day

To mark World Atopic Eczema Day (14 September 2023), the ISF have launched a new set of information video resources for people living with or caring for someone with atopic eczema (AE).

AE, also known as atopic dermatitis (AD), is a very common, non-contagious, chronic (long-term) inflammatory skin condition. AE most frequently begins in infancy but may also develop for the first time in adulthood. It is thought to affect up to 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults in Ireland.

The new video resources below offer tips on self-management; highlight new developments in care and treatment; and hear from those living with eczema. Developed with input from Consultant Dermatologists, people with a special interest in dermatology, dermatology nurses and people living with AE, the video series aims to support those living with or caring for someone with eczema.

Claire Brock, Moderator, Virgin Media News Anchor; Prof Alan Irvine, Consultant Dermatologist, St James’s Hospital; Paul Herriott, Eczema Patient Advocate; and Glenn Keneally, Eczema Patient Advocate discuss living with and /or caring for someone with AE.

For more videos on eczema check out our playlist on our YouTube Channel.

The ISF is committed to improving the lives of patients with skin conditions worldwide, in raising awareness and understanding of the impact of eczema on people’s lives. While emollient therapy remains the cornerstone treatment for eczema, the ISF is keen to help people re-engage with managing the condition and learn about new treatments available.

As a founding member of GlobalSkin, (The International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations) which is a unique global alliance serving patient organizations, the focus is always on improving the lives of dermatology patients worldwide in promoting skin patient-centred research, advocacy and support.

If you need guidance or support about managing a skin condition, contact the Irish Skin Foundation’s Ask-a-Nurse Helpline