Let’s Talk Skin – Eczema Podcast

Let’s Talk Skin – Eczema hosted by Brendan Courtney, is proudly supported by AbbVie.

This four-part podcast series features enlightening conversations with medics, experts and well-known faces about the realities of living with and treating eczema, a common everyday skin condition that affects as many as 1 in 10 Irish adults.

From debunking common myths and putting burning questions to experts to exploring the psychological toll of eczema, each episode aims to tackle a different topic related to the management of eczema. While each conversation is expert-led, the podcast also shines a light on people’s own first-hand experiences with eczema and aims to support and empower those living with eczema.

Let’s Talk Skin – Eczema podcast, proudly supported by AbbVie, is now live across all podcast platforms!

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EP1: Let’s Talk Facts

Brendan Courtney is joined by Professor Alan Irvine, consultant dermatologist who explains what eczema is, dispels some common misconceptions about the condition, and sheds light on what it’s like to live with eczema every day. Holly Carpenter, Irish model, influencer, and mental health advocate, also shares her insight on the concerns she frequently hears from her followers.

EP2: Different Day, Same Old Eczema

In episode 2 of Let’s Talk Skin – Eczema, Professor Brian Kirby, a consultant dermatologist at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, and Carmel O’Sullivan, a dermatology nurse with 25 years experience join Brendan Courtney.

This episode focuses on the daily care and management of eczema, covering topics like skincare routines, lifestyle adjustments, and the importance of being proactive with your skincare. The episode also discusses how these measures can improve the quality of life for anyone living with eczema.

EP3: Beneath The Itch

In episode 3 of Let’s Talk Skin – Eczema, Brendan Courtney talks with Dr. Jennifer Wilson O’Raghallaigh, principal clinical psychologist in the liaison psychiatry team at Beaumont Hospital, and Laura Johnson, makeup artist, content creator, and eczema patient.

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is most often associated with the impact it can have on a person’s physical appearance or the physical symptoms experienced such as itching. However, for many people, the condition goes beyond the skin. Dr. Jennifer Wilson O’Raghallaigh discusses the potential psychological and emotional impact that eczema can have on individuals, and provide proactive and practical coping strategies to help people on their journey. Laura Johnson shares her experience and journey with eczema.

EP4: Eczema – From Old Remedies to New Horizons

In the final episode of the first series of Let’s Talk Skin – Eczema, Brendan Courtney is joined by Michelle Greenwood from the Irish Skin Foundation, Dr. Cathal O’Connor, a dermatologist from Cork and St. James’s Hospital Dermatology Department, and Dr. Clodagh Loftus to discuss the latest advancements in eczema or atopic dermatitis care.

This episode will provide practical advice and tips for patients living with eczema to make the most out of their consultations with healthcare professionals.

If you need guidance or support about managing eczema or a skin condition, contact the Irish Skin Foundation’s Ask-a-Nurse Helpline