Running to Beat the Itch: VHI Women’s Mini Marathon

On Sunday, 19th September, Zoe Ryan, founder of the Itching To Tell You psoriasis platform, and friend, Christopher Turner, ran in the VHI Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon to raise funds for the ISF. The theme of this year’s race was #PowerOfMe, celebrating and recognising women across the country who are making a difference in their […]

RTÉ Interview on Living with Psoriasis

In the recording below, Irish broadcaster Zoe Ryan, who has lived with psoriasis since childhood, speaks with Oliver Callan about her journey to diagnosis and the effect psoriasis can have on mental health, quality of life and overall wellbeing.     For more information about psoriasis, visit our Psoriasis Section to download our booklet, What you need to […]

BIOMAP project aims to improve lives of people with atopic dermatitis & psoriasis

BIOMAP have released a short animation which aims to demonstrate BIOMAP’s project work to alleviate the burden and consequences of AD and psoriasis for people living with these diseases. BIOMAP – Biomarkers in Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis What is BIOMAP? BIOMAP (Biomarkers in Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis) is a large European project which launched in […]

Study for people aged 18-65, living with psoriasis, eczema or ichthyosis vulgaris

Are you aged 18-65 and living with psoriasis, eczema or ichthyosis vulgaris? You may be eligible to participate in a study to investigate the role of neutrophil proteases as global regulators of IL-1 family cytokine activity in skin disorders. NEUTROPRO Study The NEUTROPRO study is a research study being carried out by Professor Irvine (Dermatology […]

Tips to Prepare for a Remote/Virtual Hospital Consultation

The ever-evolving COVID-19 situation has had an impact on society in many ways, which has meant that hospitals and dermatology departments have had to change the way they interact with their patients. In order to ensure ongoing treatment and continuity of care, patients may be offered a telephone or video call, instead of face-to-face appointments. […]

Psoriasis and Beyond Survey for Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis

The Irish Skin Foundation are delighted to collaborate with the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) and Novartis on the launch of Psoriasis and Beyond: The Global Psoriatic Disease Survey, a research initiative to uncover what life is like for people living with moderate-to-severe psoriatic disease—psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis—around the world. The primary research objective […]

Video: Hear from the experts on taking control of your psoriasis beyond your skin

On November 26th 2020, we held the first webinar in our SkinSideOut series with an expert-led discussion on the health impact of psoriasis beyond just the skin.  Psoriasis: Taking control beyond your skin In the video below our panel guests, Caroline Irwin (Psoriasis Patient Advocate), Prof Anne-Marie Tobin (Consultant Dermatologist, Tallaght University Hospital), Dr Catherine […]

SkinSideOut Webinar – Psoriasis: Taking control beyond your skin

We are kicking off our 2021 SkinSideOut webinar series on Thursday, 26th November at 4pm, with a wide-ranging discussion about psoriasis. Psoriasis: Taking control beyond your skin   In the first SkinSideOut webinar we’ll hear about the health impact of psoriasis beyond the skin, and discuss how (and why) you can take better control of […]

World Psoriasis Day: Be Informed

Each year on World Psoriasis Day (October 29th), the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) and its 56 national and regional psoriasis organisation members, join together to raise awareness of psoriasis, estimated to affect approximately 73,000 in Ireland. Theme October 2020 marks the second year of our three-year campaign: Connected, Informed, United. The theme for […]