Seasonal UV Changes and Protecting Our Skin

First published May 2020, updated June 2021 Knowing a little bit about Earth’s relationship with the Sun allows us to understand how the intensity of the Sun’s rays can change during the year, and the importance of protecting our skin. What causes the change in seasons? Earth revolves around the Sun, taking a year to […]

ISF at the 4th Annual UCD Festival

On Saturday, 8th June, the UCD campus was transformed for the 4th annual UCD Festival. The event is now a firm fixture on the family festival calendar and aims to showcase the innovation, creativity and research that takes place on campus every day with a host of stands, exhibitions and  indoor and outdoor activities to […]

The Sun, UV Radiation and how to Save Your Eyes!

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is a component of sunlight. We know that overexposure to UV radiation can cause skin damage and skin cancer, but did you know that UV radiation can also harm your eyes increasing your risk for developing cataracts and other eye diseases. Risk factors; People of all ages, including children and teenagers, who […]