ISF completes ‘compliance journey’ under the Charities Governance Code

At the November board meeting, ISF charity trustees signed off the organisation’s 2020 compliance record, signaling that board and management have met the obligations set out by the Charities Governance Code.

The Code explains the standards which charities are required to meet to effectively manage and control organisations set up for the benefit of the public. The Code was launched in April 2019, with 2020 set as the first year that registered charities were expected to be in full compliance.

Dr Marina O’Kane, Chairperson, ISF said, “We are delighted to have met these standards and that the ISF is fully compliant with the Charities Governance Code. I would like to thank all of our board members, committee members, and ISF staff who worked hard to ensure that the charity meets the standards of integrity and effectiveness in an efficient, accountable, and transparent manner.”

2021 will be the first year that registered charities will be expected to report on their compliance with the Code. The Charities Regulator will monitor compliance with the new Code, with charities expected to comply or explain why they are not complying.

Charities will be expected to keep compliance record forms on file, which the Charities Regulator may request to see at any time. In the coming years, it is envisaged that each charity’s entry on the Public Register of Charities will indicate whether or not a charity complies with the Code.

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