Seek shade: lessen the impact of intense sunshine

Acute and chronic effects of too much sun Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) in sunlight can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage, premature skin ageing and skin cancer. Why Seek shade? Seeking shade from direct sunlight is one of the key skin cancer prevention protective behaviours. Shade lessens the impact of intense sunshine, and along […]

Seasonal UV Changes and Protecting Our Skin

Knowing a little bit about Earth’s relationship with the Sun allows us to understand how the intensity of the Sun’s rays can change during the year, and the importance of protecting our skin. What causes the change in seasons? Earth revolves around the Sun, taking a year to complete one orbit. But as it does […]

Video – Dispelling Sun Protection Myths & Misconceptions

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our movements have been restricted and 2020 has become the year of the balcony, back garden and staycation for many of us. While spending time outdoors is important for our own and our family’s physical and mental well-being, it is equally important to enjoy the sun safely and […]

Protect your child against sun damage!

Playing and spending time outdoors is a really important part of childhood, but it is crucial that children are protected and safe while having fun in the sun. Childhood: a critical time Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in Ireland with over 11,000 cases diagnosed each year and the number of cases […]

Is it true? Will sunlight really help my skin condition?

During spells of good weather and throughout the summer months, our ‘Ask a Nurse’ team are often shyly asked: “So what about the sun – I’ve heard that it’s really good for clearing psoriasis [or eczema]?” This is a fair question; who wouldn’t want to clear their skin in what appears to be a simple […]

Know Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type: Protect Your Skin!

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in Ireland and in fair/light skinned populations worldwide, for whom sunburn is a risk factor. The vast majority of these cancers are associated with overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV), mainly from sunlight. However, UV from artificial sources e.g. sunbeds, also cause skin cancer. Yet, the good news […]

ISF to join Irish Cancer Prevention Network

The Irish Skin Foundation is set to join the Irish Cancer Prevention Network (ICPN), which brings together collaborative working between organisations with the aim to reduce cancer risk for the people of Ireland. The network was established by the National Cancer Control Programme, Marie Keating Foundation, Irish Cancer Society and Breakthrough Cancer Research. The ISF […]