Some Simple Tips to Tackle Dry Skin this Winter

In wintertime, central heating and lower humidity (very dry air) can aggravate skin dryness. So as the temperature gauge plummets, we look at simple ways to combat this seasonal phenomenon. The epidermis at a glance The uppermost layer of the skin is called the epidermis; this forms the main protective barrier and is where drying […]

SECURE-AD Update: How do COVID-19 vaccinations affect patients with eczema?

The SECURE-AD patient survey is adapting to include the question, ‘How does the COVID-19 vaccination affect patients with eczema?’ In 2020, the SECURE-AD Patient survey was launched to understand how COVID-19 infections impacted on patients with eczema. The results will be available shortly as the research team are preparing their first scientific publication. Preliminary results […]

Watch our webinar on ‘The Future of Atopic Eczema Care in Ireland’

Did you miss our webinar on, The Future of Atopic Eczema Care in Ireland? No problem, watch it below. In this SkinSideOut webinar, our panel, eczema patient advocate, Paul Herriott; Consultant Dermatologist, Prof Alan Irvine; and Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Dermatology and ISF Clinical Helpline Manager, Carmel Blake talk about recent medical advancements in the […]

Webinar: The Future of Atopic Eczema Care in Ireland

This event has ended. In this SkinSideOut webinar, we take a look at The Future of Atopic Eczema Care in Ireland. You’ll hear about recent medical advancements in the treatment of eczema and what this will mean for the future; how COVID-19 has impacted dermatology services and how they have adapted to deliver care; and […]

Study for people aged 18-65, living with psoriasis, eczema or ichthyosis vulgaris

Are you aged 18-65 and living with psoriasis, eczema or ichthyosis vulgaris? You may be eligible to participate in a study to investigate the role of neutrophil proteases as global regulators of IL-1 family cytokine activity in skin disorders. NEUTROPRO Study The NEUTROPRO study is a research study being carried out by Professor Irvine (Dermatology […]

This Valentine’s Day, Love your Skin and Avoid an Eczema Flare

Our tips to avoid an eczema flare this Valentine’s Day! We know that some of you may be buying your loved one some special gifts or having a romantic date night in, so we’ve put together some tips to ensure an eczema flare doesn’t spoil your Valentine’s Day. Investing quality time If you plan on […]

Update on Dupilumab: HSE Management Supports Reimbursement

Less than a month from the last major development, Dupilumab receives green light for funding In a statement to the ISF and healthcare professionals this afternoon, the HSE notified patients that the Executive Management Team has supported reimbursement of Dupilumab under High Tech (Drugs Scheme) Arrangements. Availability of the new ‘first-in-class’ treatment will be “subject to […]

Update on Dupilumab: HSE Drugs Group Supports Reimbursement

Potentially life-changing treatment one step closer for people struggling with moderate-to-severe atopic eczema  The HSE has advised that the HSE Drugs Group, the body which decides whether or not the Irish government will fund a new medicine through the public health system, supported reimbursement of dupilumab for a defined subgroup of the full licensed indication, […]

Counting the Cost of Childhood Eczema

Study highlights how care costs extend beyond healthcare utilisation A study recently published in the British Journal of Dermatology (Olsson, Bajpai, Wee et al, 2020) highlights the ‘substantial costs’ that eczema can impose, with a significant proportion due to informal caregiving* and out-of-pocket expenses**, illustrating that the cost of caring for a child with eczema […]

Psychosocial burden and out-of-pocket costs in patients with atopic dermatitis in Ireland

Findings from the Irish Skin Foundation’s eczema survey, recently published in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, highlight the burden experienced by Irish families. What is eczema? Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is one of the most common inflammatory skin diseases in Ireland and the developed world. The condition most frequently develops during childhood and is characterised by […]