SECURE-AD Update: How do COVID-19 vaccinations affect patients with eczema?

The SECURE-AD patient survey is adapting to include the question, ‘How does the COVID-19 vaccination affect patients with eczema?’

In 2020, the SECURE-AD Patient survey was launched to understand how COVID-19 infections impacted on patients with eczema. The results will be available shortly as the research team are preparing their first scientific publication. Preliminary results are available on the SECURE-AD website.

In 2021, as we learn to live with COVID-19, the SECURE-AD Patient survey is adapting. The SECURE-AD team are asking all patients with atopic eczema to complete the survey, whether they had COVID or not. The survey will provide insights into how the pandemic affected the eczema community and will provide more information about how COVID-19 vaccinations may affect patients with eczema. The vaccination questions are intended for all:  those who got vaccinated, but also those who are considering it, or are still waiting. Click on frequently asked questions  to learn more about the survey.

If you have already completed the SECURE-AD patient survey previously and would like to provide an update or to contribute thoughts and experiences regarding COVID-19 vaccination click here for more information.




If you need guidance or support about managing eczema or other skin condition, contact the ISF Helpline for free assistance and information.