Help people struggling to manage severe eczema to gain access to a potentially life-changing new treatment. Please write to your TD today, ask them to call on the HSE to reimburse dupilumab urgently:

  • Dupilumab has been available in Northern Ireland and western Europe for over two years
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  • For more information about dupilumab, download this factsheet

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Follow access-to-dupilumab advocacy developments

The ISF has been working to raise awareness and to secure access to dupilumab, follow developments below:


Find out more about ISF advocacy click here.  If you have questions about dupilumab or this campaign please e-mail us at


You can also monitor the progress on the HSE’s assessment of dupilumab by following this link:

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For more information about atopic dermatitis and eczema, visit our main eczema page here.  If you need help or guidance about managing your eczema, contact the ISF Helpline here.