Lonely, isolated and left out. Nearly a third of Irish men and women surveyed living with psoriasis reveal impact of condition

Irish men and women living with psoriasis report significantly higher levels of isolation and loneliness compared to the global average, according to the first ever World Psoriasis Happiness Report ahead of World Psoriasis Day.

The report provides an analysis of findings from online surveys completed by more than 120,000 people in 184 countries who live with psoriasis – a serious, chronic immune mediated disease.

Loneliness & Isolation 31% of Irish men living with psoriasis report feeling “left out” all the time compared to the global male average of 19%1. This feeling was also higher in Irish women living with psoriasis, with 32% feeling “left out” compared to the global female average of 25%.

Self-esteem & Confidence Less than a quarter (22%) of Irish women living with psoriasis report feeling good about themselves often, while only a third of men (35%) report feeling confident. These figures are significantly lower to the global averages of 37% (females) and 54% (males) respectively.

Public Awareness Meanwhile, more than 82% of Irish people living with psoriasis feel there is a lack of sufficient public awareness about their condition. Access the World Psoriasis Happiness Report here.

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The World Psoriasis Happiness Report developed by the Happiness Research Institute, in partnership with the LEO Innovation Lab, an independent unit of LEO Pharma. 

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